TotalCtrl Partners with AI Company Halla

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl today announced a new partnership with Halla. This partnership will help the food industry become more sustainable. As one of the world’s best high-impact companies, TotalCtrl partners with Halla to prevent food waste, increase sales for retailers and help consumers make better choices. 

“This is a super symbiotic partnership where both our companies are leading players within quickly-growing markets. This partnership is spot-on, and we look forward to exploring the opportunities”, says Spencer Price. 

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Knowledge and expertise 
  • Potential customer synergies 
  • Validation and testing of sustainable solutions. 

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl prevents food waste by controlling inventory based on expiration data helping clients optimize operation, save time and money. Their goal is to prevent food waste throughout the entire value chain, and they are currently working with retailers, restaurants, food banks, municipalities, and consumers. Together with Halla TotalCtrl will help the world prevent food waste faster and create a more sustainable value chain. 

About Halla: Los Angeles based company Halla is combining food, data and A.I. to change the way we dine. Halla is an AI company focused on personalized recommendations for online grocers. Halla is the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste to help people make better food decisions.

Halla & TotalCtrl Partnership
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