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Perfect for your restaurant or hotel, our app slashes the time you spend on inventory counts by 50% and cuts your food waste by 35% in just one month.

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What makes this tool so powerful?

It offers unmatched efficiency and value in the market.

Easy to use

Fast and simple to use.


Easily expands with your needs.

Proven results

Reduces the time you spend on inventory counts by 50% and cuts your food waste by 35% in just one month.

Cheaper than other solutions

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Impact our customers have seen


reduction in the time spent on inventory counts.


decrease in food waste within just one month.

Designed to maximise speed and easiness of data input

Modern and intuitive interface

We know that every second of your time counts. Clean and user-friendly interface makes entering and managing the inventory count data a breeze.

Accelerating your workflow

Keep track of counted and uncounted items, mark several things at once as out of stock, filter items by inventory or category and much more.

TotalCtrl mobile app interface - stock count feature
TotalCtrl mobile app interface - share report, pdf stock count report

Making inventory count faster with automation and smart technology

Automated report creation

Every time your team finishes an inventory count, a report is automatically generated. You can immediately share it with your accountant or anyone else who needs to see it.

Smart inventory organisation

The tool automatically organises the inventory items based on your previous count so that you can quickly find everything without having to search or scroll through the entire list.

Made for hotels and restaurants

Is your existing inventory management process inefficient, error-prone or outdated? Then this is the solution for you!

Want to get TotalCtrl over your inventory?

Join the ranks of efficient businesses enjoying streamlined inventory management.

TotalCtrl mobile app interface - stock count feature

How it works

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Set up

Input current inventory with ease via our intuitive web portal interface. 

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Download the TotalCtrl app, and you’re all set to start your first inventory count!

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