Founded by badass women

With over 40 years of extensive experience in the food industry, ranging from humble beginnings washing dishes to successfully leading and managing businesses.

Key information

Our vision is to revolutionize the food industry by eliminating food waste, increasing food traceability and ensuring a circular food system.


December 2017.

What we do

Build and sell software to optimize the food industry.


Employees with industry, leadership and software expertise.

Key Achievements

Client Success: 35% reduction in food waste after one month in use, as well as proven results in time- and cost reduction.

Our story

We felt the pain, and built the solution

TotalCtrl was born from firsthand encounters with inefficient inventory management practices and the staggering amount of food waste observed daily.

Impact our customers have seen


reduction in the time spent on inventory counts.


decrease in food waste within just one month.

Key milestones

TotalCtrl has a unique position in food tech focusing on improved kitchen efficiency, food waste prevention and transparent value chains.


Winner of over 50 industry awards. Latest award: TotalCtrl named top vendor at the forefront of innovation 2024 Restaurant Tech Landscape and among the top 10 Food waste mngmt. solutions providers in Europe 2024.


TotalCtrl is a Certified B corporation: This company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.


TotalCtrl is funded by the European Union, Innovation Norway, Climate-KIC, the Research Council of Norway, Loyal VC, investors and more.

TotalCtrl can help you

Increase productivity

Reduce food waste and CO2

Increase profitability

Improve efficiency

Transition to digital solutions

Enhance your brand image

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