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Unlock the Secrets of Inventory Mastery

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Getting Started

These short and informative videos cover the basics of how to use TotalCtrl to manage your inventory.

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Master inventory counts, automate updates, and leverage analytics for smarter decisions.

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Tips & Tricks

Discover shortcuts, efficiency hacks, and best practices to save time and reduce costs.

Fast-Track Your Team's Success with TotalCtrl

Empower Your Staff with On-Site Learning Tools

Make mastering TotalCtrl a breeze for your team with our easy-to-follow training posters and flyers. Designed to be displayed right where the action happens, these handy guides offer step-by-step instructions on using TotalCtrl for efficient inventory counting.

Key Benefits:

Quick guides at your fingertips, physical reminders and tips to reduce training time and boost confidence among new and existing team members.

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