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Earn 20% of each new subscription

1 year

1-year commission share

60 days

60-day cookie window

No limit on earnings!

Send as many customers as you want!

Make money while you sleep

Set yourself up with a passive income stream by recommending TotalCtrl on your socials, website, blog and newsletters. Set it up once and leave it on auto.

Earn more with 60-day cookie tracking

Get up to 60-Days cookie tracking and increase your attributed conversions. Plenty of time to promote TotalCtrl and make more referrals.

Our average affiliate makes $500 every month

How much we give?

We share a whopping 20% of our revenue. We share 20% of our gross revenue for the first year with our affiliates who lead the customer.

When do you get paid?

You start getting payouts after 60 days. When one of your leads becomes a paid subscriber, we wait 60 days to clear commissions based on that sale. After 60-days safe period ends, we rollout the payouts to your preferred banking method (like PayPal).

TotalCtrl mobile app interface - stock count feature
TotalCtrl mobile app interface - share report, pdf stock count report

No limit on earnings

How long you earn?

You get paid for the first year. For the first year of a TotalCtrl paid tier subscriber, we share 20% of our gross revenue. For "monthly" users, you keep earning for the first year's 12 consecutive billing cycles (that's one year). For "TotalCtrl's annual plans" subscribers you referred, you receive a commission for the first payment.

How much you can earn?

For example, if you sell a 'Basic (Inventory Count)' monthly plan ($99.99/mo), you earn $19.99 each billing term for 12 consecutive billing terms (if the consumer continues to use TotalCtrl on that plan). You would make a total of $239,97 (12 x 19.99) in commissions per customer.

How it works

It only takes a couple of minutes to start making money.

Click "Join the program"

Click the "join the program" button to register as an affiliate.

Get the link needed to make money

After signing up as an affiliate you will receive a link and the details you need to start making money.

Start the sharing

Easily share the link directly to potential customers, add it to your blog, website or ads.

You love
creating content
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Use TotalCtrl’s starter-kit to create your unique contents.

By using our starter-kit shared below, you would create new unique contents to share with the world and get visitors that’ll become new customers.