Head of Digitization and Innovation joins TotalCtrl

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl, a leading food waste prevention company, today announced that Alexander Salveson Nossum will be joining TotalCtrl as an Advisory Board member.

Alexander will be bringing his experience within digitization and innovation to TotalCtrl to help scale the technology globally.

Additionally, Alexander’s experiences that will benefit TotalCtrl moving forward include:

  • Expertise within the municipality segment
  • Business Development
  • Sales

“I have been following TotalCtrl for a while and it has been exciting to see all that they have accomplished. TotalCtrl has a lot going for them and their technology is highly scalable.” says Alexander Salveson Nossum.

For more information on Alexander Salveson Nossum, visit his profile here.

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl is the world’s first cloud-based food waste prevention system. This company simplifies management of inventory and expiry dates. TotalCtrl helps clients in the food industry save time, money and prevent food waste by providing real-time data on inventory based on expiration date. Together with Alexander Salveson Nossum TotalCtrl will help the world prevent food waste faster.

Alexander Salveson Nossum
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