TotalCtrl Helps Restaurants Save Money and Prevent Food Waste During COVID-19 Crisis

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl today made their solutions available for FREE to help restaurants in need. As the world faces the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the restaurant industry finds itself particularly hard hit. New mandates allowing take-out and delivery only, leave businesses with inventory on hand, but not enough demand. Controlling inventory, the most perishable of all your assets, and minimizing food waste is crucially important, but right now it’s even more so. This environment demands more diligence.

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The benefits of using the solution in and after a crisis:

  • Get TotalCtrl over food inventory
  • Save money
  • Prevent food waste

The app will give you the advantage of knowing exactly what you have on hand and how long it will last. This will ensure that you use items in order of expiration date and if that’s not possible, know when to donate it before it spoils.Once downloaded, you will also have access to TotalCtrl’sfood waste community which we’re working with to further ensure thatyou preserve your inventory investment and waste less food.

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl prevents food waste by controlling inventory based on expiration datahelping clients optimize operation, save time and money. Their goal is to prevent food waste throughout the entire value chain, and over the 2 years they have been in operation, they have onboarded retailers, restaurants, food banks, municipalities and consumers. During this time of crisis, TotalCtrl is making theireasy to use Food Waste Prevention Software available absolutely Free.

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