Grocery Store App Case Study: Increased Sales and Reduced Food Waste

TotalCtrl AS has developed a Food Waste Prevention Software in close collaboration with dedicated and knowledgeable pilot customers within the enterprise segment such as grocery stores, food banks, municipalities and restaurants.

One of our early customers is They used TotalCtrl’s solutions to provide their customers with an online grocery store app.

The main challenges were to increase sales, digitize recipes and help customers reduce food waste. We created an online grocery store app making it easy for customers to plan, buy, and use food.

Read on to find out how we helped

  • Increased sales by 10.28%
  • Digitized 4,000 recipes 
  • Reduced food waste

App Features and Functionality

The software simplified customers’ everyday lives, made it easy for them to reduce food waste and purchase products from stores.

The app featured:

  • Store offers
  • Products from the online store
  • A scanning feature
  • Expiration date notifications
  • Digital recipe bank with over 4,000 recipes
  • Recipes connected to inventory
  • Expiration date notifications
  • Digital inventory control

Customers scan or enter food items and expiration dates of what’s in their kitchen. They receive notifications and recipe suggestions for food that is about to expire.

Benefits of the TotalCtrl Online Grocery App Solution

“We experience TotalCtrl as an extremely innovative technology solution. In just 4 months we’ve seen a 5% increase in sales through our app. We are looking forward to continuing the good cooperation!”

Roy Snapa

Increase in Sales

The average shopping cart before TotalCtrl was 1,100 NOK. After TotalCtrl, the average shopping cart was 1,219 NOK.

That’s a 10.82% increase in sales.

Digitized Recipes

Handleriet had around 300 recipes that they wanted to digitize. Their goal was to make sure they could help their customers buy products via recipes and get suggestions on recipes based on inventory. We digitized’s recipes and added an additional 3,600 recipes.

The app featured a total of 4,000 recipes.

Reduced Food Waste

Handleriet’s app users:

  • created recurring shopping lists and quickly ordered items they regularly consumed
  • viewed all the items they purchased through the app and entered expiration dates for those items
  • received notifications before the products’ expiration date
  • created recipes based on the food they had at home

Stop Losing Time and Money on Food Waste

From a simple tool to a revolutionary technology: our solution is ranked as one of the world’s most innovative by Retail Insider. And we’ve been named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste changemakers by the European Food Waste Innovation Network.

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Media Kit

Here is a complete Media Kit with different versions of our logo, banners, style guides and our products sneak peeks.


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