TotalCtrl Releases New Product for Households

TotalCtrl Home redefines the way we buy, use and think about food.

Monday 17th May 2021, United Kingdom: TotalCtrl officially introduces the “TotalCtrl Home” app to the UK, a digital inventory solution created to significantly reduce food waste as well as save time and money in households. “TotalCtrl Home” is a simple and easy to use application for your smartphone. It lets you digitize your food habits, prevent food waste by up to 85% by notifying you prior to food expiring and gives you access to a wide variety of recipes based on what you have available at home.


Easily add products by using the barcode scanner & voice. Search, filter and organize as you please. Swipe to remove product when used or add product to Shopping list. Add an expiry date and get notified before it is too late. Get suggestions for recipes based on what you have in My Kitchen or just browse and choose from thousands of recipes. Heart your favorite recipes, filter by category and get suggestions based on your products expiry date. If you find a recipe you like, but do not have all the ingredients at home – simply add the ingredient to your Shopping list via the recipe.

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About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl is the world’s first cloud-based food waste prevention system. This company simplifies management of inventory and expiry dates. TotalCtrl helps clients in the food industry save time, money and prevent food waste by providing real-time data on inventory based on expiration dates.

TotalCtrl Home releases in the UK
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