TotalCtrl Partners with Norwegian PropTech company Varig Technologies

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl today announced a new partnership with Norwegian PropTech company Varig Technologies (Varig). This partnership is part of TotalCtrl’s goal of helping its customers get TotalCtrl over their data. As one of the world’s best high-impact companies, TotalCtrl partners with Varig to provide operational data, like waste, water and energy consumption to provide a holistic overview so property owners and food service businesses can take action and reduce the CO2 footprint.

 “This partnership will help both Varig and TotalCtrl bring more value to our customers by both providing data insight and tools to take action”, says Renate Straume, CEO at Varig Technologies.  

The benefits of this new partnership include. 

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Customer synergies
  • Validation and development of sustainable solutions.

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl prevent food waste by controlling inventory based on expiration data helping food service businesses optimize operation, save time and money. Together with Varig, TotalCtrl will help the world reduce CO2 emission faster. 

About Varig: Varig is a sustainability software that focuses on a transparent and holistic approach to sustainability in the real estate industry. The solution is designed to make it easier for the owner, manager and tenant to work together to set goals, report, and based on this; take action and focus on good, sustainable choices. Through smart technology and automated reporting solutions, Varig will in an engaging way create awareness and behavior change among various actors and users of buildings.

Varig Technologies
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