Global Food & Beverage Expert joins TotalCtrl

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl, a leading food waste prevention company, today announced that Johan Forshällen will be joining TotalCtrl as an Advisory Board member. 

Johan will be joining TotalCtrl after selling his company, Smiling, a brand that offers quality organic & Fairtrade-labelled snacks products such as nuts, juices and snack bars, where he was Co-Founder from 2015 to 2019. Johan will be bringing his experience as a FMCG strategist from the food & beverages industry to help TotalCtrl scale. 

Additionally, Johan’s experiences that will benefit TotalCtrl moving forward include: 

  • Marketing Management 
  • Business Development 
  • Sales 

“Fun to be onboard and fun to see such a forward-looking company. It looks extremely promising and I look forward to an exciting journey,” says Johan Forshällen 

For more information on Johan Forshällen, visit his profile here 

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl is the world’s first cloud-based food waste prevention system. This company simplifies management of inventory and expiry dates. TotalCtrl helps clients in the food industry save time, money and prevent food waste by providing real-time data on inventory based on expiration date. Together with Johan Forshällen TotalCtrl will help the world prevent food waste faster. 

Johan Forshällen
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