Turn food waste into cash

Food waste is one of the fastest-growing problems around the world. It is relatively a small issue as compared to others but the amount of food wasted is on a large scale. It is estimated that 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted globally, out of which 40 percent comes from restaurants and other food businesses.

According to the case studies held by Champions 123, investing money for reducing food waste at your restaurant can help them make more money.

Champions 123 reviewed 114 restaurants from 12 countries and they found that nearly every restaurant gets a positive return, with an average saving $7 for every $1 invested in preventing food waste at their restaurant’s kitchen.

The report also found:

In the first year, the restaurants reduced their kitchens food waste by 26 percent on average, and over 75 percent of restaurants recouped their investment. And in two years, 89 percent of restaurants recouped their investment.

Every site has its total investment below $20k.

The figure comes from small restaurants with annual sales of $400,000, all the way up to multi-million-dollar restaurants with annual sales of $17.3 million. The report explains the kinds of investments they did and how they benefited financially.

Source:  Champions 123: Business Case for Reducing

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