6 tips on how you can reduce food waste

Would you like to live more sustainably, but you don’t know how to start?  Wasting food is one of the biggest environmental problems. According to statistics, food waste produces 6% of global COemissions and the food industry emits 26% of global CO2 emissions.

In this article, you will find 6 tips on how to reduce food waste in your daily life.

1. Plan your grocery shopping and avoid overbuying

Most of us have a habit of buying more products than we actually need. Let’s change it! Reorganize your grocery shopping and start by creating a list of products that you are using and like the most. Before you go shopping, try to do an inventory of what you already have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. 

Check the “best before” dates when you buy the products and make sure you will use them before they expire

It might be difficult, but try to avoid buying more products than you need. It’s better to go to the grocery store frequently than once a week. Another way to keep track of groceries is by using grocery inventory apps.

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2.   Keep leftovers

If you cook frequently and have small amounts of leftovers, put them in the glass container. Too much potion for dinner? You can eat it the next day. Did you cook too much rice? You can add it to the next lunch.

More ideas on what to do with leftovers

3.   Keep tops, stalks, peels, and do the Vegetable Broth

 Do you peel vegetables? Then don’t throw the skin. These leftovers have power! Many nutrients and minerals are located just under the skin. From these leftovers, you can prepare amazing Vegetable Broth and then use it as a base for soup

Check the recipe

4.  Choose a smaller plate

Do you know that the size of your plate can change your perspective on how much you eat? 

You can fill up your big plate and don’t even realize you overeating. Change your plate and bowl for a smaller one and check if you still need more food after eating your portion.  

Research proves this step help reducing food waste by 25%.

5.  Say Hello to your freezer

Freezing is the best way of preserving food. 

If you have cooked too much and don’t want to eat the same meal for a week, just freeze it! Divide the meal into portions, put in bags or containers, and leave it in the freezer. 

What else can you save before spoiling by freezing? Fruits, veggies, bread, meat, greens, and herbs

6.  Blend it!

Too many fruits in your pantry?

You can save them from spoiling by making a smoothie! You don’t need any recipe, you can mix whatever you have and whatever you want. 

There are many simple methods on how to save food, those were only a few examples. Remember that small changes to your daily habits can make a big impact not only on our planet but also on your pocket. Try pantry inventory software.

Good luck!

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