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Our app helps you to keep track of the items in your pantry, fridge, and freezer, preventing to trash good food and saving money. Also, it recommends delicious recipes with the products expiring soon or all the items in your kitchen. Download for free today, and become part of a great community of food waste warriors.

Save Food | Food Waste Solution
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Easy to use

“I get access to easy functions giving me total control over my inventory.”

Zero waste

“With TotalCtrl Home I avoid throwing away good food.”

Save money

“No more unnecessary trips to the grocery store.”

food waste solutions

See what’s in your kitchen anytime

Experience the ease of knowing exactly what's in your kitchen, where it’s located and when it expires. Get notifications on soon to expire food, and avoid those unnecessary double purchases. Let's Save Food!!

Add new products to your digital kitchen by scanning them

You can easily add products to Totalctrl Home by scanning their barcodes or finding them by name. Let's go with Totalctrl food waste solutions.

food waste | Save Food
food waste solutions

Get recipes based on what you have

TotalCtrl Home gives you recipes based on what you have available and with soon to expire food. Not only does this eliminate the need to throw away food, but it also provides you with fresh recipes giving you a healthy lifestyle.

Plan your next grocery shopping trip

With the shopping list function, you can strategize your next shopping trip, this way avoiding the purchase of unnecessary products.

save food
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Join thousands of others in the fight against food waste

Totalctrl Home gives you total control of your kitchen, by giving you fun and effective functions. Save time and money, all whilst becoming part of the fight against food waste.

Available now on Google Play and App Store.