How to organize your pantry?

Cooking and preparing food is one of the most common activities we do at home. According to statistics, an average European spends 1 hour daily on meal preparation and 1 hour 45 minutes on eating every day. That’s a lot! One of the things you can do to help yourself in this daily task is good pantry organization. 

In this article, you will find tips on how to organize your pantry and how to store dry food properly to extend its freshness

Products such as flour, oats, seeds, pasta, and rice should be kept at room temperature, so you can easily keep them in kitchen cabinets and drawers. It’s very important to conserve dry products from moisture and insects. The best solution for that is an airtight plastic container or glass jar. You can use glass jars and bottles that you already have at home or buy new ones. 

Except for the appearance of the pantry, there are few important technical issues you should be aware of.

Make sure to finish all that you have, before refilling containers, so this way you will avoid the situation when the container is half full with fresh product and a half with one that expires soon. 

Choose the size of the container according to your needs. Products that you use often, store in big containers, and those ones you use rarely in small ones instead.  

The expiration date of dry products is usually long, but always make sure how much is left while buying them. 

Keep dry products away from the oven and dishwasher. This type of devices will heat food unnecessarily 

How to store seasonings?

Seasonings just like other dry products are good to store in dry, dark, and cool places. The best solution is to pour spices from paper packages that don’t protect them from moisture into airtight containers. If you choose small glass jars, it will be easier for you to search for specific spices when needed. 

How long are seasonings kept fresh? Ground spices should not be stored for more than six months and the storage time of unground spices is longer. However, the best way is to check for freshness by the smell.

Kitchen moths – unwelcome guests in your kitchen. 

We usually bring them from the store. So after opening the package make sure if the contents look and smell ok. It’s very difficult to get rid of them and usually ends up throwing out absolutely all of your kitchen stock. 

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