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IMS that boost profitability and sustainability

Optimize inventory management, reduce food waste by 35% and improve your bottom line with 10%.


reduction in the time spent on inventory counts.​


decrease in food waste within just one month.


increase in sales after only 4 months.

Case Studies

Streamlining restaurant operations

TotalCtrl partnered with a local restaurant to optimize their inventory management and reduce food waste. By integrating with their procurement system and automating data flows, we saved the chef significant time on manual processes.


Monthly stock counts were automated, saving the chef 62% of time on inventory management.

Revolutionizing the online grocery experience

The client’s primary goals were to increase sales and reduce costs. They recognized the potential of technological innovation to streamline their operations and better serve their customers.

Sales growth

After just 4 months, we achieved a 5% increase in sales, and by the end of the first year, the client saw a remarkable 10.82% increase.

Transforming public sector food management

Halden municipality sought to become a leader in digital food waste reduction, aligning with TotalCtrl’s mission.

Food waste reduction

35.4% reduction in food waste in kindergartens and 16.4% in nursing homes within the first month.

Fighting consumer food waste

Consumers often lose track of their food inventory and disregard expiration dates. Busy schedules make it difficult to plan meals and use up groceries before they spoil.

TotalCtrl Home Solution

App developed to help consumers reduce food waste at home. “With TotalCtrl Home I avoid throwing away good food.”

We help our clients save time, money and cut food waste

Our clients

Don't just take our word for it

TotalCtrl makes stock count easy, it’s fast. We save time by using TotalCtrl. It helped us reduce the time we spend on taking stock by 62%.
Head Chef
With TotalCtrl’s solution we are able to save over 100 000 euros annually.
General Manager
After just one month we were able to reduce our food waste by 35%.
TotalCtrl is an all-in-one system that makes managing our inventory data easy. It helps us to optimize our business through inventory control and traceability.
By using the TotalCtrl solution, we are able to count inventory and do delivery control from the same interface. Due to the simple interface, the staff is able to start using the solution after just a couple of minutes training.
With one click I get an overview of what I have, where it is and when it expires.
With the help of TotalCtrl I am able to plan, buy and use smarter.
Office manager
I get access to easy functions giving me total control over my inventory.
Head Chef
My restaurant used to spend a lot of time and money managing inventory and delivery, but by using TotalCtrl I have saved a lot of time and cut costs. I like the expiry date feature which helps us cut food waste.
Head Chef
TotalCtrl helps us to reduce time spent on doing inventory counts and reporting delivery issues. Great overview in just a few clicks. Great inventory and delivery control functionality.
General Manager
We experience TotalCtrl as an extremely innovative technology solution. In just 4 months we’ve seen a 5% increase in sales.
The team like to use the solution. They feel they have more control over inventory and it is easier to know what to order than before.
General Manager
The TotalCtrl solution is easy to use and set up. Simple input of data by just uploading the supplier invoices in the system. The app and web portal gives the employees the overview we need in order to operate more efficiently.
Restaurant Manager
We clearly saw that there was more awareness around food waste among the employees after using TotalCtrl. There has been a positive change in attitude among the employees.
With TotalCtrl I avoid throwing away food.

What makes this tool so powerful?

It offers unmatched efficiency and value in the market.

Easy to use

Fast and simple to use.


Easily expands with your needs.

Proven results

Reduces the time you spend on inventory counts by 50% and cuts your food waste by 35% in just one month.

Cheaper than other solutions

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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