TotalCtrl partners with hospitality marketplace solution Eggify to optimize restaurant operations

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl today announced a new partnership with Eggify, a Spain-based matching marketplace for the hospitality industry that lets businesses and suppliers connect in a fast and simple way. In a changing and uncertain environment, it is essential to adapt the business model and streamline tasks.

“Eggify’s purpose is to give visibility to companies that differ in their commitment and rebalance the chances of being successful in a digital context. We are honored to be able to connect professionals in the sector, who share the same commitment and seriousness. It’s a pleasure having TotalCtrl as a partner, especially because we care about the environment and companies like TotalCtrl should be more visible in the market”, says Alessandro Vivoda, Manager at Eggify.

The benefits of this new partnership will help restaurants increase profits and at the same time reach the climate goals. 

  • SDG 2: One-third of food is wasted despite billions going hungry.
  • SDG 12: By 2030, most of the world has committed to halve global food waste.
  • SDG 13: Each year, we waste edible food and this releases 3.3 gigatons of CO2 equivalent.

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl, a Norwegian software company, leverages its unmatched food waste prevention technology to unlock immense possibilities in the food industry, driving sustainable and measurable results to create a future without food waste. TotalCtrl is a kitchen inventory management tool that helps mid-market hotel and restaurant chains to optimize their planning, purchase and use of food inventory by providing data-driven insights that enables quick decision-making. For more information, visit

About Eggify: Eggify, is a marketplace for the hospitality sector. Our platform is designed for operators, suppliers and producers of goods and services to easily find the right partner, manage their business more efficiently and drive real change in their business. Our solution allows an effective and centralized management thanks to real data that offer a more efficient management of resources. And faster decision making, minimizing risks, and improving results.

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