TotalCtrl announces appointment of Lars Rinnan to board of directors

Norway, Oslo: TotalCtrl, a leading food technology company, today announced the appointment of Lars Rinnan to the TotalCtrl Board of Directors.  

“We are pleased to welcome Lars Rinnan to the TotalCtrl Board,” said Charlotte Aschim, chair(wo)man and chief executive officer of TotalCtrl. 

“Lars’s deep experience in strategy, business intelligence & AI, business development and leadership will be invaluable to TotalCtrl as we grow our business and pursue our mission to transform the food industry for the better.”

Lars Rinnan is a visionary CEO, angel investor, board member, public speaker and futurist from Oslo, Norway. Lars has more than 25 years management experience, and over the course of 7 years has started 6 companies within business intelligence and artificial intelligence, all joined together in Amesto NextBridge. He is the CEO of Amesto NextBridge and the VP of AI & Robotics for Amesto Group. His entrepreneurial and business experience makes him a valued investor, advisor, and board member for startups within AI and exponential technology. 

Trained as a military officer, Lars enjoys tough challenges, both in business and on his spare time, where he is an avid freeride skier and mountain biker. Balancing his military background is a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Norwegian Institute of Management and an MBA from Lancaster University (UK). Lars is a sought-after keynote speaker on AI and the future, and an avid writer and blogger, frequently appearing in media and television. He is at his best when he can utilize his holistic business view and vast network to spot opportunities and create value. 

“TotalCtrl is on the right track and doing the right things in a brilliant way. I look forward to helping lift this company to the next level,” says Lars Rinnan

For more information on Lars Rinnan, visit his profile here 

About TotalCtrl: TotalCtrl, a Norwegian software company, leverages its unmatched food traceability platform to unlock immense possibilities in the food industry, ensuring food traceability, control over distribution, elimination of food waste and optimized operation.

TotalCtrl helps the food industry optimize their planning, purchase, and use of food inventory by providing data-driven insights that enables quick decision-making. For more information, visit 

Lars Rinnan
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