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With TotalCtrl, you can easily manage your inventory and keep tabs on your business.

TotalCtrl Solutions
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Increase Your Productivity

By automating tasks, saving time and eliminating errors.

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Save time

Reduce food waste and CO2

Boost profitability

Improve efficiency

Transition to digital solutions

Enhance your brand image

Hotels and Restaurants

With TotalCtrl Restaurant you no longer have to spend tedious hours on inventory count. Know what’s in your food inventory at any time, automate manual routines and get intuitive reports.


TotalCtrl Inventory gives your kindergarten total control over the food inventory. You will no longer have to spend countless hours on manual tasks, and instead get to spend your time where it’s of the most value, with the children.

TotalCtrl Solutions

Nursing Homes

Through TotalCtrl Inventory your nursing home will reduce its time spent on administrative tasks in relation to the food inventory. Get total control over your food inventory, deliveries and reports. Spend your time where it’s most needed.


TotalCtrl Home lets you see what’s in your kitchen and gives you recipes based on soon to expire food and on ingredients already available from your kitchen. It’s easy to use, lets you save money and is the only tool you need to fight food waste.

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Our Story

TotalCtrl started with the vision of ending food waste across the value chain, through innovative technology that saves our customers valuable resources. Our initial vision prompted us to investigate and initiate products targeted at retailers, but through the development phase, we saw the urgent need for our technology in the service industry, the municipality market, and the consumer market.

Charlotte Aschim founded the company together with Ingrid Østby in 2017 after working at a retail chain during her studies. She gained first-hand insight into the massive amounts of food that are thrown out every single day, this sparked the fumes for the technology we provide.

Today, we have worked together with the hospitality and municipality market to create products that suit every need of our customers. TotalCtrl, therefore, provides products made by the industry, and for the industry. Our products are also ranked as one of the world’s most innovative by Retail Insider and we’ve been named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste changemakers by the European Food Waste Innovation Network.

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