Helping restaurants to prevent as much as 80% of their food waste | Vojtech Vegh

Ever wondered how much food gets wasted in restaurants? Vojtech Vegh did, and he’s here to share some eye-opening insights. Join us as we sit down with Vojtech, a chef who’s making a big difference with his zero-waste, plant-based cooking. He’s not just any chef; he’s traveled the world, from England to Cambodia, learning the secrets of kitchens big and small, even those with Michelin stars.

In our chat, Vojtech will tell us his story: why he cares so much about saving food, and how he’s helping restaurants save up to 80% of their food from being wasted. Imagine that—most of the food that would have been thrown out, is now used to create delicious dishes.

He’s got a book, The Food Waste Guide For Chefs™, that’s packed with tips on how to make this happen. And it’s not just about saving food; it’s about making the kitchen a smarter, more creative place. He’ll share some simple tech tools that help with everything from planning what to cook to keeping the fridge organized.

Are you dreaming of becoming a chef, or just passionate about making a difference? Vojtech has some advice for you. He also talks about the people who inspire him and the resources he turns to for new ideas

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Vojtech Vegh
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