How to successfully reduce food waste in Kindergarten?

Kindergartens are responsible for about 12% of all food waste produced in the public sector. Is there any way to solve it? Today we introduce a few tips on how to successfully reduce food waste in Kindergarten.

Scale your leftovers

This is the key step in the food waste reduction process. Data collection gives you an overview and helps you to keep an eye on the progress.

Kids are conscious and eager to learn about new things. Involve them in the process and show how to measure food waste. Analyze food loss and what kind of food is mostly discarded in your kindergarten. Think about what leftovers could be reused and how.

Few examples?

• Salmon leftovers can be eaten the next day on breakfast with a sandwich or salad.

• Vegetables can be used in omelets

• Dry bread can be turned into croutons

Education and practice

Organize workshops and talk about childrens’ food preferences. Ask what they like or dislike about meals in kindergarten. Maybe there is something that you can improve in the meal plan and make them eat willingly.

Simplified recipes and teach kids how to create a shopping list. It’s the first step to establish good grocery-shopping habits early.

If you have the possibility, take children to the kitchen and show them how food is stored and where you keep fruits, vegetables, and other products.

Implementing inventory software

It is still very common that inventory management in public institutions is very time-consuming and done manually with pen and paper.

TotalCtrl has a solution that reduces the time spent on food management and helps to cut costs and reduce food waste. Through our digital tool TotalCtrl Inventory, you can notice a real difference in the time spent on stocktaking and you can finally focus on the children – because they are the most important ones in kindergarten 😉

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