Are you tired of stock count?

With TotalCtrl Restaurant you will no longer have to spend late nights with pen and paper or spreadsheets to administrate your inventory. Contact us now for a non-binding meeting on how we can help you cut cost and get control over your inventory.

Restaurant Inventory

Why restaurants love TotalCtrl

Because it’s made by and for the industry.

With TotalCtrl your restaurant will save time and money by digitizing and streamlining manual tasks. This results in you getting to spend your time where it's most suited, creating fantastical experiences for your guests.

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Save time

Reduce CO2 and food waste

Cut costs

Restaurant Software

Know what’s in your food inventory at any time

Stop relying on outdated spreadsheets to manage what you have in stock. TotalCtrl Restaurant gives you real-time overview of what food you have, how much it’s worth and when it expires.

Save time with automation

No more running back and forth with papers and manually updating product counts in a spreadsheet.

Upload all your order receipts to TotalCtrl Restaurant so that everyone in your team can see what should arrive and when.

Use the mobile app to check things off during delivery to automatically update their count.

restaurant inventory management
Restaurant Inventory

Use data to streamline your food operations

Learn what enters and leaves your inventory each day so that you can plan and order better. Prevent food waste by buying only what you’re able to use.

Monitor key metrics like your monthly Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Food Cost Percentage.

Also, keep track of important insights like food suppliers having frequent delivery issues, products having price fluctuation and the main reasons behind food waste with the specific products or categories affected.

Make your monthly stock count easily

Stop spending hours using spreadsheets and papers to count all the products available in your inventory. With the digital stock count feature, you will be able to:

- Count the products with their correct measurement units and pricing without struggling around spreadsheets and orders notes.
- Receive an auto-generated report to share with your accountant via email.

Stock Count
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Get weekly reports on soon-to-expire food

Easy to understand reports will tell you what expires soon. This way you can use everything before it spoils and prevent your food and money from going to waste.

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