TotalCtrl Partners with Ducky to help customers make more sustainable choices!

Reducing our climate footprint is not a job done alone. Leading sustainability experts from Norway are partnering up to help the food industry improve their sustainability efforts by providing them with the tools and insight they need to do better. 

OSLO, NO – October 11th, 2022 – Norwegian-based FoodTech company TotalCtrl and climate mitigation company Ducky are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement to ensure the food industry reduces its carbon footprint. Through this partnership, businesses that use TotalCtrl® technologies can streamline inventory management and get key sustainability insights such as CO2 calculations provided by Ducky, while also preventing food waste and ensuring last-mile traceability. 

If you use TotalCtrl, Ducky’s climate data calculations will be part of the offering. We will calculate the climate footprint of your products, orders, and waste to help you improve sustainable efforts, ensure the best suppliers, and comply with current and upcoming laws and regulations. The EU taxonomy scope 3, ESG-reporting, the transparency act and food waste laws are some of the legislations we will help you prepare for. 

Charlotte Aschim, CEO & Founder, at TotalCtrl comments:
“Knowledge is key, and easy-to-understand insights that make it possible for our customers to act is what really will accelerate carbon reduction. We are pleased to partner with Ducky to help businesses calculate and reduce their carbon footprint, while also ensuring inventory control and increased food traceability.”

Johannes Sokrates Bratt, Sustainability advisor at Ducky said: “We absolutely love how TotalCtrl is helping the industry towards a data driven approach. An effective sustainability strategy should help customers become more sustainable. It makes both financial and environmental sense, and it increases customer loyalty! We look forward to improving customers profitability and the industry’s sustainability by calculating climate footprints in the food industry together with TotalCtrl.”

For further information, contact:

  • Charlotte Aschim – CEO of TotalCtrl – mob: +4790215950
  • Johannes Sokrates Bratt, Sustainability advisor at Ducky – Mob: +47992 79 187

About TotalCtrl 

TotalCtrl is a leading FoodTech company that improves customer profitability and the industry’s sustainability by offering TotalCtrl from farm to fork. TotalCtrl, a Norwegian software company, utilizes its unrivaled Inventory Management System to unlock enormous opportunities in the food industry, ensuring food traceability, control over distribution, elimination of food waste and optimized operations. After only one month in use, their customers have seen a 35,4% reduction in food waste, 60% time-reduction and 5% increase in sales. Visit to learn more.

About Ducky

Ducky is a carbon emissions reduction platform that measures, educates, and mobilizes people to take climate action. Ducky Offers climate technology to citizens, companies and policymakers to co-create a climate neutral society. Visit to learn more. 

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