Product update: April 2024

Get ready to experience TotalCtrl like never before with our latest Web Admin enhancements! We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce a series of updates designed to streamline your workflow, optimize inventory management, and provide you with unparalleled control over your item templates and product information.

TotalCtrl mobile app - stock count

Streamlined grouping

No more duplicated items.

Improved deletion features

Simplifies item removal across departments.

Improved categorization

and stock visibility.

What's New?

Streamlined grouping

Previously, identifying duplicate products required manually comparing SKUs across the entire list, a process complicated by non-adjacent duplicates with the same SKU but different names or errors in order upload. Now, our automated grouping feature simplifies managing duplicates by consolidating them, significantly reducing list length (e.g., from 1000 lines to 700). Additionally, we've added visual cues—vertical red stripes—to instantly highlight duplicates and clarify their associations, streamlining template management.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually sorting through duplicate product items. Our new update automatically combines duplicates, making item management smoother and more efficient.

Enhanced deletion capabilities

Currently, there's no warning if the deleted item is assigned to an inventory, creating a risk of accidental irreversible deletion. To prevent accidental data loss, users will receive warnings if the item template is linked to any inventory, ensuring informed deletion decisions.

Removing items is now easier than ever. With our improved delete function, you can swiftly remove unwanted items from your inventory, ensuring a cleaner, more organized product library.

Simplified categories

We’re cutting down on clutter by merging categories and subcategories into a single, streamlined column. This change is essential for making room for an exciting new feature - the "stock visibility" column.

Stock visibility at a glance

Stay informed with our new stock visibility column, which shows you what’s in stock across specific inventories at any given moment. Never miss a beat with real-time inventory insights.

This is just the beginning!

These updates to the “Manage Item Templates” / “Manage Products” section are the first in a series aimed at enhancing your TotalCtrl experience. Our goal? To reduce the inconvenience of item template duplicates and make inventory management a breeze.

Stay tuned for the official release and get ready to take TotalCtrl to the next level!