Take the pain out of counting stock

Regular stock counts are annoying and time-consuming but necessary to ensure your hotel’s or restaurant's profitability. Save your team hours of valuable time by using TotalCtrl to eliminate the tedious pre- and post-stock count tasks.

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Streamline your stock counting process with TotalCtrl

Get rid of the manual prep work

Say goodbye to updating and exporting inventory lists, printing them out and distributing them to the team. With TotalCtrl, everyone on your team can access the stock count in the mobile app and instantly work with an up-to-date list of items.

Avoid duplicate work

No need to run back and forth with papers and spend extra time transferring data to a digital spreadsheet. Note down the item counts directly in the TotalCtrl mobile app and generate a stock count report at one tap of a button.

Reduce errors and improve accuracy

TotalCtrl stock count provides pre-defined units for each inventory item. This helps your team use the correct units during counting, preventing any errors in reports caused by using the wrong ones.


It is easy to get started

Follow these three steps

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Sign up online and get started

Click the big green button below where it says “Buy now”. It only takes a few minutes.

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Set up your Inventory

Our intuitive interface makes it simple to add your products, categorize them, and input current stock levels.

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Download the app and start counting

After you sign in using your access credentials, you’re all set to start your next stock count!

Designed to maximise speed and easiness of data input

Modern and intuitive interface

We know that every second of your time counts. TotalCtrl’s clean and user-friendly interface makes entering and managing the stock count data a breeze.

Accelerating your workflow

Keep track of counted and uncounted items, mark several things at once as out of stock, filter items by inventory or category and much more.

TotalCtrl mobile app interface - stock count feature
TotalCtrl mobile app interface - share report, pdf stock count report

Making stocktaking faster with automation and smart technology

Automated report creation

Every time your team finishes a stock count, TotalCtrl automatically generates a report. You can immediately share it with your accountant or anyone else who needs to see it.

Smart inventory organisation

TotalCtrl automatically organises the inventory items based on your previous stock count so that you can quickly find everything without having to search or scroll through the entire list.

Made for hotels and restaurants

Multiple-inventory support

Whether you want to count only specific product categories (like meat or dairy) or all your inventories at once and see them all in one report – we’ve got you covered.

Collaboration support

Multiple people can participate in the same stock count and count items simultaneously. This allows your team members to share the workload and reduce the time.

TotalCtrl mobile app interface - stock count feature

Are you ready to transform your stock counts?

Simply fill out our template with your latest stock count data and share it with us using the contact form.
 Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use your own file and send it our way. We’ll take care of setting up your essential inventory data.

Download the stock count template

No file? No problem! We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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