The Ultimate Inventory Management System

It helps you increase margins, manage food inventory, and optimize your operations.

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Restaurant Inventory

Why restaurants love TotalCtrl

Because it’s made by and for the industry.

With TotalCtrl your restaurant will save time and money by digitizing and streamlining manual tasks. This results in you getting to spend your time where it's most suited, creating fantastical experiences for your guests.

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Save time

Reduce CO2 and food waste

Cut costs

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Real-time data

Stop relying on outdated spreadsheets to manage what you have in stock. TotalCtrl Inventory gives you real-time overview of what food you have, how much it’s worth and when it expires.


No more running back and forth with papers and manually updating product counts in a spreadsheet.

Upload all your order receipts to TotalCtrl Inventory so that everyone in your team can see what should arrive and when.

Use the mobile app to check things off during delivery to automatically update their count.

reducing food waste at school | inventory management in the nursing home
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Analytics and reports

TotalCtrl allows you to track your inventory, monitor suppliers, and even automate tasks for maximum efficiency. It also allows you to create custom reports that will help you analyze your business data.

Digital stock count

Reduce the time spent on stock count with 50% by using the TotalCtrl app.

No pre-stock and post work needed!

Stock Count
food waste from kindergarten & School

Prevent food waste

Get weekly reports on soon-to-expire food in order to prevent food waste from happening.

Our customers have seen a 35% reduction in food waste after using the solution for only one month.

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