An easy-to-use food waste tracking and reporting tool

This tool enables you to reduce food waste and significantly advance environmental stewardship.

35% food waste

reduction in just one month


Certified B corporation


Funded by the European Union

What makes this tool so powerful?

It offers unmatched decrease in food waste and value in the market.

Proactive prevention

With TotalCtrl, you're not just managing waste; you're preventing it.

No hardware required

No more food waste weighing, manual logs, and data entry. Enjoy a simplified workflow with no hardware required.

Simplified reporting

TotalCtrl automates your reporting, eliminating manual data entry and spreadsheets.

Award-winning climate impact & food waste solution

Top 10

Food waste mngmt. solutions providers in Europe 2024

Top 100

high-impact climate solutions in the world

How it works

Create an account and add existing inventory

Easily add your existing inventory, manage product data and set alerts for expiry dates. The solution is self-serve, but if needed we are here to support you.

Daily use and data entry

Use the app to register your food waste and get notified before food expires.

TotalCtrl Weekly Report

Reporting and analytics

The data you enter into the app is tracked and analyzed to give you the reports and insights you need to comply and identify reduction opportunities.

It works

Our clients have seen a 35% decrease in food waste within just one month.

Want to get TotalCtrl over your food waste?

Join the ranks of efficient businesses using TotalCtrl to save time, money and cut food waste.

Customer story

Transforming public sector food management

Halden municipality sought to become a leader in digital food waste reduction, aligning with TotalCtrl’s mission.

Food waste reduction

35.4% reduction in food waste in kindergartens and 16.4% in nursing homes within the first month.

Need to report on CO2 emissions and food traceability?

Together with our amazing partners we will provide you with the data you need to comply, and simplify your reporting.

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CO2 emissions

Together with our partner we will help you calculate the CO2 emissions on your food orders and inventory levels. Giving you the insight you need to make more sustainable choices.

Food traceability

TotalCtrl streamlines food traceability for you, ensuring your offerings are safe, sustainable, and transparent. Rest assured, you'll meet the highest standards of care for your guests.

Learn more

To ensure your needs are met, we partner with experts around the world to deliver the best transparency solutions for transforming the food system. Interested to learn more? Contact us today!

Ready to make an impact?

 You can reduce food waste, lower carbon emissions, and lead the change towards a more sustainable future. Sign up now to request access to our Impact Reporting tool and be the first to know when it launches.