Are YOU looking to make a global impact, have a lot of fun and to grow a leading FoodTech company? Well, you have come to the right place.Take a look at our open positions and see if your a fit for us!

Why should you join the TotalCtrl team?

The short answer:
Because we are changing the world for the better!
The long answer:
At TotalCtrl, we are connected by our values.- People, Planet and Profit. They influence every decision we make as a company and the TotalCtrl'ers we hire. We build great technology that makes an impact, together with great people, and have fun along the way.








Years running

The mission behind our company

TotalCtrl is a leading FoodTech company that improves customer profitability and the industry's sustainability by offering TotalCtrl from farm to fork.

Our unrivaled Inventory Management System unlocks enormous opportunities in the food industry, ensuring food traceability, control over distribution, elimination of food waste and optimized operations.

Benefits & Perks

We aim to take care of our people, both physically and mentally. If you are happy, we are happy and our customers are happy!

Career Growth

Training opportunities to grow your skills and career. Nothing makes us happier then to see you grow.


We offer gym memberships and meet the need for specialists to ensure that your mind and body are well.


Freedom is the future of work. TotalCtrl gives you the flexibility to work across locations, time zones and environments, whether you're remote, in-office or hybrid. Don't change how you live, change how you work. It gives you flexibility and reduces our carbon footprint.

Open positions

We want the best people, that's why we hire from all over the world.
Are you our next TotalCtrl'er?


HR/Office Manager


Full Time

Customer Service

Customer Success Manager


Full Time


Senior Product Designer


Full Time

Sales & Marketing

Chief Commercial Officer

The Nordics,

Full Time

Sales & Marketing

Digital Marketing

The Nordics,

Full Time

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