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Let's Save Money by Saving Food Waste

It only takes 5 seconds

1/3 of all the food we produce is wasted!

As a consumer you have the power to change this. 

Save Food & Get TotalCtrl over your Home with these simple steps:

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1. My Kitchen

Easily add products by using voice. Search, filter and organize as you please. Swipe to remove product when used or add product to Shopping list. Add expiry date and get notified before it is too late.

2. Recipes

Get suggestions to recipes based on what you have in My Kitchen or just browse and choose from thousands of recipes. Heart your favorite recipes, filter by category and get suggestions based on your products expiry date. If you find a recipe you like, but do not have all the ingredients at home - Simply add the ingredient to your Shopping list via the recipe.

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3. Shopping list.

Hello Digital shopping list! Use voice to add items in you Shopping list. Remove some or all after shopping. Search, swipe and sort. Make sure you buy what you need. Save time, money and prevent food waste.

Why Us

TotalCtrl is an award-winning company that specialize in providing you with TotalCtrl over inventory based on expiration dates. By doing this we help you save time, money and prevent food waste. We provide traceability, loyalty, profitability and sustainability.

TotalCtrl Home – Your Digital Kitchen Assistant 

With other inventory app you will get a lot of help getting control over what you have and how many items are in stock. The thing you are missing however is the information about the expiration date. By not having this information you have to manually go check the products to make sure they are used before they expire. This takes precious time out of your already busy day, and in most cases you therefore do not prioritize this control resulting into wasted food and money lost. 

With TotalCtrl Home, we have made it easy for you to get more control and save time. By combining inventory, recipes, shopping list and expiry dates we help you plan, use and buy smarter.

Most food waste apps out there are focused on reducing or measuring food waste. – and that is great! But we believe we can do more by preventing food waste from happening. 

Our solutions are ranked alongside amazon and Walmart, we are on the top 100 high-impact list and named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste change-makers. 

News From The Industry

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We are worse with Food Waste than we think.

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Consumers Waste Twice as Much Food as Experts Thought.

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Consumers may be wasting more than twice as much food as commonly believed.