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Easily add products by using scan & voice. Search, filter and organize as you please. Swipe to remove product when used or add product to Shopping list. Add expiry date and get notified before it is too late. Together, let's save food!

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Get suggestions to recipes based on what you have in My Kitchen or just browse and choose from thousands of recipes. Heart your favorite recipes, filter by category and get suggestions based on your products expiry date. If you find a recipe you like, but do not have all the ingredients at home - Simply add the ingredient to your Shopping list via the recipe. Let's Save time and Save Food

Food Waste Solutions and Save Food
Food Waste

Prevent food waste

Hello Digital shopping list! Use voice to add items in you Shopping list. Remove some or all after shopping. Search, swipe and sort. Make sure you buy what you need. Save time, money and prevent food waste.

Did You Know?

1/3 of all food we produce is WASTED!
As a consumer YOU have the power to change this

Easy to use, but full of smart features

Scan & Voice

Easily add products using scan and/or voice


Sort your food by Pantry, Fridge and Freezer


Remove products from inventory or add to shopping list by swiping left


Get notified prior to the expiry date


1000s of recipe ideas customized for you


Easily add ingredients to your shopping list


Move items from your shopping list to your kitchen


Find products specific to your country

Join thousands of others in the fight against food waste

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Food Waste Solutions and Save Food