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Do you spend a lot of time and money managing delivery control, inventory, expiration dates, price variations, stock count and reporting?
Digitize it with TotalCtrl Restaurant Inventory Management Software!

totalctrl restaurant web and mobile
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Prevent Food Waste

See How It Works

1. Import supplier invoice

Easily import the invoice you get from your suppliers.

2. Control food delivery

Make sure you get what you have ordered.

totalctrl restaurant web and mobile

3. Get TotalCtrl over your inventory

based on amount, price and expiration date.

4. Analytics

Make sure you have control over your data.

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Why Us

TotalCtrl Restaurant Inventory Management Software is award-winning software that specialize in providing you with TotalCtrl over inventory based on expiration dates. By doing this we help you save time on delivery control, date check and stock count. We provide traceability, loyalty, profitability and sustainability.

We will help you prepare for the future and remove paper work so you can spend your time doing what you really love. 

With other inventory app you will get a lot of help getting control over the what you have and how many items are in stock. The thing you are missing however is the information about the expiration date. By not having this information you have to manually go check the products to make sure they are used before they expire. This takes precious time out of your already busy day, and in most cases you therefore do not prioritize this control resulting into wasted food and money lost. 

With TotalCtrl Restaurant, we have made it easy for you as a manager to get more control and your employees save time. We automatically add the expiration date to the food you get delivered and make sure you and your staff know exactly what products are expiring, where they are and how to prevent food waste from happening.

Most food waste apps out there are focused on reducing or measuring food waste. – and that is great! But we believe we can do more by preventing food waste from happening. 

Our solutions are ranked alongside amazon and Walmart, we are on the top 100 high-impact list and named one of Europe’s most inspiring food waste change-makers. Designed from the ground-up by industry experts, it saves managers and employees up to 85% of the food waste cost, and 90% in time reduction and labor cost. We help you scale your business with providing multiple add-ons, like forecasting, analytics, recipes, distribution, notifications etc. making sure you run your operations more sustainably. 

Managing food waste and inventory is in most cases done manually by the use of pen & paper, and money and time is wasted due to food not sold before the expiry date. Employees checking the food expiration dates, discount disks or food in the garbage. You have seen it before. It is a global pain and we have firsthand experience with the problem from working in the food industry. 

We are providing cutting edge sustainable technology to a costly and manual routine. Helping you cut costs, save time and prevent food waste, all via a easy to use app. 

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