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If you are working within the food value chain you are in the right place. Due to the Covid-19 crisis restaurants, producers and farmers need to adapt to a new way of running their business. To help out where we can, we would like to offer our technology expertise. Here are some of the things we can help with:

Are you affected by the lockdown and need help making money?

Save the restaurants, save the needy

If you are a restaurant struggling to make ends meet and would like to increase your sales we will help you set up a donation platform where consumers pay you to make dishes for the needy.

Direct to consumer solutions

If you are a farmer or producer and need to sell the food you have produced direct to consumer we will help you set up a online sales solution or a surplus marketplace.

Sell your inventory before it is too late

Do you have a lot of inventory, but not able to use or sell it due to the lockdown? We can help you get your ingredients donated or sold to someone who needs it.

You are not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic yet, but would like to prepare in case of lockdown

Offer vouchers online now

Be prepared. Reach your local audience fast and easy by marketing you business online using vouchers.


Get digital control over your inventory

If you have inventory it is important to gain control over what you have, where it is and when it will expire. This will help you move your items faster in case of lockdown.

Go from offline, to online now

Make sure you move your business online to be prepared to adapt and ensure sales in case of lockdown.


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