A simple digital management solution that reduces your food waste and increases your profitability
Reduce Food Waste
Our food waste analytics. Your business insights. All in a simple online dashboard.
Cut the time you spend managing food waste in half.
Product Expiration
  • Know when your inventory items will expire.
Product Location
  • See exactly where they are located in your store.
Product Notification
  • Get automatic notifications to take action as needed.
Boost your profitability by selling your products at maximum value before they expire.
Food Waste Projection
  • Benefit from improved sales forecasting, based on your purchasing and sales history.
  • See in real time how much your products lose value as they approach expiration.
  • Plan and create marketing campaigns on the fly, based on your actual inventory and needs.
  • Decrease shelf life and create faster turnover.
Product Marketing Campaign
The average retailer loses over € 9 900 a month on food waste per location
TotalCtrl can help you recover up to 85% of those costs
That’s over € 100 000 a year in savings
Set yourself apart by visually communicating your green efforts.
  • Demonstrate your progress towards meeting your KPIs and sustainability goals.
  • Export customizable charts and visuals for sharing and reporting.
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